Chapter 1. 


Elijah P Simmons started his musical journey when his late grandfather gave him his first drums still in diapers. 

After his family moved from Michigan to Murfreesboro, TN just south of Nashville, TN when he was ten, he formed his first garage band with his childhood friends, Brandon Turman and Nick called American Arsenal. 


 Elijah and American Arsenal played in their first live show in 2012 in Murfreesboro, TN 



Elijahs family moved back to Alma, MI where he went to Alma, High School for his Junior and Senior year. After graduation while he was working at a car dealership in Lansing, MI, he was posting online some of his drumbeats for fun.


The band V*A*S*E found him and liked his sound. They wanted to meet him and see if he was a good fit for the band.  

After joining V*A*S*E the band started playing more shows, writing music, and focusing on building their social media fan base over the years.


Covid hit and the shows stopped! But with a sturdy fan base, the band was able to run a crowed funding campaign to raise enough money towards their first few songs getting recorded & released on Spotify in 2021. 


In early 2021 the band went on to film some music videos and were released at the time their music was released on Spotify. 


In 2021 the band V*A*S*E was invited by the band ANIMAL SUN to be a part of their Midwest Leg of the Dream City Tour 


Just after the tour, they received a call from there booking agent that they had a chance to go to Dallas, TX and open for LOCALH at the Trees.  


After coming off the tour and travelling the band started writing music again and shooting videos.  


In February 2022 after dealing with some personal family issues, Elijah made an announcement that he was released from the band on Instagram to his fans.  

Elijah had been dealing with family issues that caused some short-term depreciation and could not make the band his priority for the first few months of 2022. His band did not see it that way and instead of supporting him chose to release him. 


Chapter 2. 


1st Lesson learned “Everything Happens for A Reason” 




Elijah is currently looking for new opportunities. If you are a band in need of a seasoned drummer on stage, reach out to Elijah on his social media platforms. 



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former drummer for


Formed in October of 2018 by guitarist cousins, J.T. Jasinski and Drew Kussmaul, V*A*S*E immediately sought to bring something new to rock music. Combining a love for early protopunk (The Stooges, Hawkwind), American post-punk (The Feelies, Sonic Youth), and the grunge boom of the 90s (Nirvana, Local H), the boys from Brighton, Michigan began the search for other musicians to fill out their sound. The permanent additions of Christian Thibodeau on vocals, Derian Parsons on bass, and Elijah Simmons on drums during the summer months of 2019 solidified V*A*S*E as a fearsome fivesome, in the style of fellow Michigan bands, Sponge and the MC5. The group spent the fall and winter of 2019/20 honing in their chops onstage, before the pandemic put a halt to live shows. The spring, summer, and fall of 2020 saw the band hard at work behind the scenes, in hopes of recording come 2021. With the help of a crowdfund campaign, the band is recorded their debut single(s) and released on spotify.